It is time for a war on tabs

5 different tab bar UIs, 4 of which are KDE

We (as a UI shell project) see the limits of our territory as the window, when there is the assumption nowadays that MDI tabbed interfaces are where most significant user activity takes place. Yet interacting with different views/documents within those windows is not standardised, so the user has to remember which app they are using, then select the appropriate actions to:


I'm going to Akademy (and taking Klyde with me)

Everything's booked: the weekend after next I'll be in Bilbao at KDE's tenth Akademy meeting. Catch my talk about the latest happenings in Klyde, the lightweight presentation of KDE at 14:30 on Saturday in the New Ideas track.


hackweek9: Lightweight KDE Desktop project - updated

It's Hack Week 9 at SUSE, and I'm working on a cracking project this time around. I've codenamed it 'KLyDE', for K Lightweight Desktop Environment, and it's an effort to point KDE at the lightweight desktop market.  Surely some mistake, you say?  KDE and lightweight kan't fit in the same sentence.  I think they can.


Thoughts about Kubuntu's Status, Canonical, and your distribution's sponsors

Yesterday I woke up to the news that Canonical are no longer going to fund Riddell to work on Kubuntu. I've trying to figure out what that means for KDE and for community Linux generally.

Disclaimer: I work in the same role as Jonathan at SUSE, a competing Linux company that sponsors the openSUSE project. This is my personal opinion, not that of the openSUSE Board or SUSE Linux GmbH.


Tokamak 5: The Pancake Sprint

Flat things are good. I'm at Tokamak 5 in Nijmegen, the KDE sprint where we plough a deep furrow into the future of the Free Desktop and sow KDE seeds that will grow into exciting, novel interfaces and make the stuff we already have even faster and more reliable.


KDE 6 Roadmap: The Desktop Is Dead

Did that get your attention? Good, it was supposed to. Now get back to making KDE 4 rock in whatever way you are able and resist the temptation to put 'KDE 5' in your blog title to get some clicks. KDE 4 is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future because GNOME just increased their major release number.


It's off to conf.kde.in I go!

I'm feeling very lucky today. Why? Because in a few hours I'll be getting on a plane to Bengaluru, India and attending conf.kde.in. Pradeepto has been asking me for years to look outside the cosy confines of the US-Europe Axis of KDE, and thanks to my role in the openSUSE Boosters team, this has finally become possible.


Video: KDE people at openSUSE Conference 2010

I couldn't resist snapping as many KDE folk at the openSUSE conference as I could, and editing them together into: a short video.

If anyone can tell me how to embed in kdedevelopers.org or enable the download of the OGG version from blip.tv, let me know!


openSUSE Conference KDE Team Party

Next week is openSUSE Conference week! I'm using both my openSUSE and KDE blogs to remind everyone that we're having a pre-conference meetup at 6pm for the KDE team before the real conference begins at Barfüßer in the Nuernberg old town. Remember a morning of keynotes is only fun if you have a thumping hangover from microbrewed beer (and if you're a keynote speaker, from local schapps too)!


Wanna work on openSUSE?

Yes, this is basically a job ad. The openSUSE Boosters team is expanding again (when will it ever stop?) and we're looking for another member.