From Akademy back to K-Town

This year was just my second Akademy. And as my first one,
two years ago in Dublin, it was a really great experience again.
Actually I don't know where to start.
To put it in one sentence, it almost feels like a huge family. Hundreds of people from all over the world come together and meet, they know each other, they work towards the same goal, they appreciate each other.
Where else do you have that (for such a big number of people) ?


Requiring CMake >= 2.6.0 for svn trunk starting August 4th

starting August 4th, i.e. Monday in 2 weeks, CMake >= 2.6.0 will be required to build KDE from svn trunk, which will become KDE 4.2 in a few months.

So please update your CMake.
In case there are no distribution packages yet, you can get the sources here:

or the binary package, which should work on about every Linux distribution:
(just unpack it to any place you like, it will work).


CDash: kdelibs dashboard online

Since a few days Kitware is hosting a cdash dashboard for kdelibs. The ctest config file in kdelibs svn has been adapted accordingly.
So if you run now "make Experimental" in kdelibs the build and test results will be submitted to .
It would be very useful if we could get nightly builds for OSX, FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows, so we can make sure they stay compiling.


QA for KDE on exotic platforms - CDash ?

As Friedrich already noticed, blogs are where discussions happen nowadays...

Well, also responding to one of Ade's posts, where he states



This year I was again at LinuxTag, after I missed the one last year. LinuxTag in Karlsruhe was always very nice, the one two years ago in Wiesbaden somehow didn't feel that good, but this time in Berlin it was really great again.


KMail and bikeways in Germany

So this blog title is "KMail and bikeways in Germany". You may wonder what they have in common. You may wonder whether there will be an eloquent Aaron-style nice little story behind that.

But sorry, no, I have to disappoint you. At least from my point of view kmail and bikeways in Germany have absolutely nothing in common, two completely unrelated things, no surprising lovely details they share.


My 2 cents on releases...

Ok, we all know, blogs are the new mailing lists, so here just some quick comments from my side on all the release-cycle stuff.


How to change the X11 DPI under kUbuntu

I don't know why, but often I have the impression that KDE fonts are quite big, and this can be changed by modifying the X11 dpi settings.

Let's head over to good old Slackware. How is it done here ?

Enter /usr/bin/startx, which starts since ages with
"# This is just a sample implementation of a slightly less
# primitive interface than xinit.
# Site administrators are STRONGLY urged to write nicer versions.

At the end there is the line:
xinit $client $clientargs -- $server $display $serverargs


Measuring performance the buildsystem-guy way...

Different groups of people use different ways to measure performance of computers. Kernel developers test their kernels by, well, compiling the kernel. KDE developers may measure the startup time of KDE.
So what does the buildsystem maintainer do ?

He measures how long it takes to build CMake cvs (including curses and Qt4 based interface).

So here are the numbers:

On my desktop machine, which is still an AMD Athlon 2000XP+ (already over 5 years old), 1GB RAM, new hard disk: 5 min 59 s.


How to buy a Linux notebook in Germany, part II

A few days ago I asked in the blog "where to buy a 14 inch non-glossy notebook with Linux in Germany".
I received quite a few responses and emails, thanks a lot for the support ! :-)
Now I (almost completely) succeeded and a notebook is ordered.
For those of you looking for something similar, here are the details.