Buildsystem BoF at St.Oberholz


the KDE buildsystem BoF/meeting/whatever you want to call it/ will be Monday, at 8:00 PM (i.e. in the evening) in the restaurant/cafe St.Oberholz:

According to Claudia they are used to geeks sitting around and discussing :-)

The address is
Sankt Oberholz
Rosenthaler Straße 72a
10119 Berlin

Places are reserved for us on my name (neundorf).

St. Oberholz should be 15 to 30 minutes walking from here.


Deskop Summit ... buildsystem stuff

So, to make it short, I'll be also in Berlin at the Desktop Summit, from Saturday to Wednesday evening.

So if you have wishes, questions, want to contribute to the KDE buildsystem or CMake, just look around for me :-)
There'll be a KDE buildsystem BoF . If you want to attend, please enter here when it is suitable for you in this doodle poll .

What will we be talking about there:

  • modular kdelibs

Randa Review: the buildsystem

I'm back now (since two weeks already) from the KDE Platform sprint in Randa and I have to say it was great.

Randa is located very nice in the Swiss mountains, next to Matterhorn, and very well suited not only for KDE sprints, but also for cycling (I had my bike with me there) :-)


Plasma + KWin = beautiful !

Until last week I was still running good old Slackware 12.1 with KDE 3.5.something.

I had skipped Slackware 13.0, because it had still no support for virtual screens in X/xrandr, and the KDE 4.4 in Slackware 13.1 crashed a few times while playing around with it. So I stayed with 12.1. For building current KDE, it doesn't matter what desktop you're running, so that was fine for me.

Now last week the new Slackware 13.37 was released and I gave it a try. Virtual screens are back in xrandr (now called "panning"), good.
And it comes with KDE 4.5.5.


How to selectively remove entries from the CMake cache from the command line

Just a short cmake tip today...
You probably know that with "cmake -DSOME_VARIABLE=foo" you can give variables to cmake.
Now, sometimes, e.g. if the wrong version of a package has been found, e.g. a wrong Qt, you want to remove the wrong entries for Qt from the CMake cache again (because otherwise cmake doesn't search again).

There are at least three ways you probably already know:

  • run cmake-gui (or make edit_cache) to open the "cache editor", i.e. the GUI for cmake
  • the "Holzhammer" method: simply remove the complete cache or build directory and start again

New Kitware office in Lyon, France


just to let you know, our friendly buildsystem developers from Kitware are progressing on their plan towards world domination ! ;-)
While their main offices are in the US, in beautiful upstate New York, they recently opened their first office outside the US, in Lyon, France, where e.g. their main CDash developer is located.


Looking for an exciting Qt-related job in HPC ?


I thought since others are announcing jobs here, so I can do that too :-)

So, here we go:
The Competence Center for High Performance Computing at the Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern has open positions:

We are working here on processing terrabytes of seismic data on Linux clusters. This is the big iron, high end stuff :-)


Looking forward to Akademy :-)


this year I'll be again at Akademy, for me it will be the third time after Dublin and Mechelen. I'm already looking forward to meet all you KDE guys again :-)

Another thing: on Tuesday, there'll be a BoF about Continuous and Nightly/Daily building and testing of KDE on the various supported platforms:


Which version of CMake are you using ?


KDE 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 all required at least CMake 2.6.2.
I'd like to know how much "pain" it would be to increase this requirement for KDE 4.5 to CMake 2.6.3.

In order to find out, please participate in this poll:



git everywhere... (how to compare my stuff to the central repository)

KDE will be moving to git, Qt has moved to git, recently also CMake moved to git.

So, it's time to start using git.

...until now it really looks so complicated, compared to cvs/svn.
In cvs/svn it was easy: local working copy, remote central repository, just one step away.
With git this is about three steps away: local working copy, stash, local repository, remote repository. You always have to be aware of where things are.

Ok, one has to get used to that "git add" is something different from "svn add", and "git commit" is different from "svn commit".