BoFs, BoFs and more BoFs

The nice things when meeting everyone at aKademy is that you can very easily talk face to face to people.

I attended many BoFs including the working group meeting. I liked that everyone was sharing a common goal but it showed that if the group becomes too big making progress is not simple. Funny enough to me this BoF showed the need for structure within the KDE project very much and the intermediate result that a small subgroup shall draft a proposal is showing promise. Mirko did a great job in moderating the discussion.


RuDI or tribute to the helping hands in Nove Hrady

Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. -- Albert Einstein

When doing my diploma in theoretical astrophysics in Tübingen I always tried to remember these words from maybe the most brilliant scientist of the last century. Staying to this principle really helped a lot when trying to understand many aspects of even the most complex and difficult.

I think that Einstein's principle fits very well for today's software development process including such complex efforts as a complete and feature rich desktop environment.