KDE QA Meeting Results from a Usability Point of View :)

As Harald and Adriaan already mentioned I spent this weekend with some 'testing guys' in Hamburg to evaluate the possibilities of automated usability/accessibility testing. Also from my side the meeting was a big success, and not only because of the food and the gluehwein, or because I finally saw the countdown+text pedestrian lights in real life ;-)

[image:1674 align=center width=400 class=showonplanet]

It was great to see how quickly the froglogic people implemented some basic checks of the menu structure, and how easy it can be to apply the HI guidelines by that means.


"Everyday Things" and Plaetzchen ...

... at the Berlin Open Software Usability Meeting, tomorrow evening, Wed, Dec. 7th, 20.00 h, at the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin, Marienstr. 11.

Back from my wonderful vacation we decided to have a less serious usability session tomorrow, and inspect several everyday things such as cashpoints, metro maps, usb sticks or coffee machines. Along with it, we'll have some Plaetzchen, and possibly Gluehwein *yam*


Is KDE accessible out-of-the-box?

Two weeks ago, I met Lars Stetten from linaccess. Linaccess is a project supporting free software for disabled people. Lars is partially sighted computer science student from Giessen. Some of you may know him from aKademy 2004 (there is an interesting interview with him on the dot).


Invitation: WorldInformationDay | Making It Easy | November 3rd

As I mentioned before, there is finally a world-wide attempt to promote awareness of the benefits of usability engineering and user-centered design: Only three more days till World Usability Day! Around the world, there will be more than 70 events in 35 countries. WorldUsabilityDay is an initiative of the Usability Professionals' Organization. On the official website of WorldUsabilityDay, you can browse the events and will surely find one close to your location.


Paper ....

... is so useful for UI design. Other than a GUI builder it allows for quickly changing input widgets and even whole dialog sequences without programming efforts. It is fast, efficient, and you can put many elements next to each other - till your table or whatever pad you use is full. Still you can easily overlook everything without a zoom that decreases the font sizes.

  • You can use paper to mockup user interfaces:
    [image:1546 align=center width=300 class=showonplanet]

    Brainstorming in the development team:


World Usability Day @ Berlin

[image:1534 align=center width=300 class=showonplanet]

Our site for the Berlin event in the scope of the World Usability Day on November 3rd is up:
Layout and Design by tina and holehan.

Programm details will follow in 7-10 days.

We are also listed on the official UPA sites:


KDissert for Documenting Usability Test Results

At aKademy, Frank performed a live usability test with Thomas Nagy's kdissert, a powerful mindmapping tool for building texts.

I extended the usability test a bit and used kdissert myself to summarise the results. This is an extract of the mindmap:

[image:1524 align=center width=300 class=showonplanet]



... they did it! Yesterday, the first "Restzeitampel" (remaining time traffic lights) was put into operation in Hamburg, Germany.

Typically German, they outmatched the approach I described a few weeks ago by adding the hint "Green in [seconds]" . Strange enough, they write Green in red!

I wonder if they ever heard of the Stroop effect... Good luck, Hamburg drivers!


The "I call my boyfriend" button

I never liked the idea that girls are technically less interested than boys or get less into technology. But this user survey we are conducting really keeps frustrating me!!!

Background: Two weeks ago, we started interviewing people on how they organise their documents and files on their hard disk. We asked random people who showed up for a web usability test, that means our participants covered all types of internet users between 18 and 50 years.


... cms, blog or wiki?

I've quite often thought of getting my own webspace. But what next? cms, blog or wiki? which software to use? what fits my purpose?

Bjoern yesterday pointed this site to me:

Click CMS Ratings in the navi and you'll get a long list of cms, blogs, wikis, groupware, etc.