2011 - Stable bump and bumps

First, I've changed the branches that are being built on to reflect the branching of 4.8.

Second I've incorporated a build of Qt 4.8 branch that is triggered once a week to keep up with fixes there.

Third I've tried to get a build of Qt 5 up and running also, however this is where I've hit some bumps. I've been unable to get Qt 5 to build and as such not all other jobs are working :(


frameworks in Jenkins

kdelibs frameworks branch is now covered in :)

But due to a bug in the build system it requires a special hack to build, ie the cmake call does all the required work but fails with a message about inqt5 not being in the export set. So to make it build in Jenkins the exit code from cmake has to be ignored. Other then that it seems to work ok.

2011 - status update

A long over due update on the status of

It now builds most of the old core KDE modules. Both the stable, currently the KDE/4.7 branch and the master branch. Sadly I haven't gotten Qt5 or kdelibs frameworks branch to build as a result nepomuk-core doesn't build either.

There is also an IRC channel for notifications on the build status, #kde-builds.

A second build node has been added that kicks in when the master node is busy, as this node is low on bandwidth it is set to only try and build if the master has been busy for some time.

Current list of jobs:


Continiuous Integration server for KDE - Alive

Thanks to our fabulous sysadmin team KDE now has a Jenkins installation[1] that serves kdelibs (KDE/4.7), kde-runtime and kdepim* (all master).

The plan is to have this as a pilot and if that goes well expand to include all (main) modules, stable and master branches.



Continiuous Integration server for KDE(PIM) - Dead

Unfortunately my server decided to die today... I've managed to get the most important stuff up again but the Jenkins instance is toast.

That is the actual Jenkins server is alive but there is no resources for the build slave, so for all intents it's dead.

Until some kind force enables me to replace the server or it can be hosted at the EBN, no more CI for PIM.


Continiuous Integration server for KDE(PIM)

I'm experimenting with providing a CI (continuous integration) server for KDEPIM.

For a while I've been running a cronjob that triggers a cmake script. This script then polls the repositories for 24 hours and every time a change was detected a build was performed. The results from this was feed to (kdepim, kdepimlibs and kdepim-runtime).