KGet is saying: "Test me!!"

Well.. Come on guys! You can do better than this! You say why? Simply because, apart from a very serious bug related to the download of files .torrent, .meta4 and .metalink (that we have been lucky enough to find out) and a Nepomuk crash (already fixed in trunk), we don't have any report right now reporting any crash or uncorrect behaviour of kget.. You sure about this? So, please, Test it a little bit more, so that the next release will be perfect for you! Ehy! I'm talking also to all people that tried kget some time ago but dropped it saying: "aaaaaaah..


KGet popup notifications

Now you can't say anymore you didn't noticed the download was already completed :) We show this only if the KGet window is not active.

This is the only small "feature" I recently added. In fact most of my work has been related to making kget more usable and more stable. Ah, BTW, can't make it crash anymore... Please please make it crash otherwise we'll think it's already stable! :). Enjoy!


KGet gets some love :)

You will hardly remember of me, since I've not being so active recently (my job takes me lots of time resources). Anyway, stay calm.. It's been proved that knowing who I am will not make you feel any better :) That said it's not about me that I want to talk but about a great coding team doing a great job with a very promising application. That application is.. imagine.. you already know since it was in the title.. It's KGet.


KDE in Lisbon

Well, it happened that this year I went in Lisbon for my summer holidays (ah, btw, it was a great fun) and walking along one of the main streets, just near the well known Rossio (Dom Pedro IV) square, it also happened that I got into a currency exchange office where I found something like 4 or 6 computers (I don't remember precisely) that were used as an internet point for tourists. This is what I saw:
[image:2303 align=center size=preview]

Just great :)



Well.. I'm in the mood to write again in my blog, another one after many months of silence.


Barcelona holidays !!

Tomorrow evening me and my friends will take the airplane to Barcelona I've rented a small flat in Barceloneta, near the beach, for 10 days. I really really hope to enjoy myself and now I'm starting to feel quite excited about this.

So I'll stop my kde-related development and I'll not reply to any mail you'll send me. In the meantime I'm sure the work on kde4 will continue and I hope we really start doing the real hard stuff on kdelibs. There are lots of classes to clean up, since Qt4 seems to provide lots of functionalities that we implemented in the libraries.


Porting make_kget_cool to qt4

So yesterday I finally switched the make_kget_cool to qt4 and some hours ago I finished to compile and install kde4. Wow! That wasn't hard as I thought.
I started my work on a new sidebar that in the future will show nice animations effects when downloading files.