[GSoC] [KDE-Edu][KHangMan] Evolution of KHangMan - GSoC 2010

GSoC 2010 is finished. I would like to share my opinions with you.

It was great summer. I want to thank you all, especially Anne Marie Mahfouf, for trusting me I am good candidate. I learned a lot. Working with kdelibs and qt was an exciting experience to me. Trust me, I learned a lot. I believe that my little contribution will improve the quality of KHangMan. Hope so :)


[GSoC] [KDE-Edu][KHangMan] Short note about evolution of KHangMan - undocumented features

The tasklist I submit to Google was very realistic, but don't know I why didn't suppose to meet any small bugs need to be solved. Almost all the Community Bonding Period I spent on setting developers environment. Newest Qt, Phonon, DCOP, ... , KDE-Edu. Then, once I compiled everything and I had hoped that everything is fine. Some hours of sleep and then great crash. KDE couldn't start. I was trying under Debian, Kubuntu and Mandriva. Same effect. Over three weeks of downloading, compiling, installing new distros etc...