KStars... as real as it gets!

On August 1st, we had a partial solar eclipse in Kuwait, covering about 18% of the solar disk. Part of the event involved showing live view of the eclipse from the Ujari Observatory, which relies on KStars for control. So we got a hand held video cam, an adapter to attach it to a short focal length telescope (which is mounted on the same equatorial fork base of the primary telescope), and a long video cable connecting two 46" LCDs in the ground and first floor levels of the astronomy & space sciences department.


An update on telescope control in KStars

KStars should have a decent telescope control by 3.2. The current client/server architecture in INDI is scalable and would be very handy in observatories or when controlling multiple telescopes. I haven't committed anything in quite a while as I have been moving from one location to another within town and will finally settle soon!