KDE 4.7 Release Party

When I first got involved in KDE, I was very disappointed that none of the release parties were ever close enough for me to visit. There weren't very many in North America to begin with and most of those were either on the west coast or the midwest. It is hard to really feel plugged-in to a community when your only interaction with everyone is on IRC and e-mail.


Publishing Calendar Events directly from KOffice

One of the great things about KDE 4 is how powerful the APIs for the central components are. In particular, Akonadi and Nepomuk have become very easy to use in custom software and third party applications. I recently discovered another very powerful set of libraries: the plugin API for Koffice. Using those libraries, I recently wrote a little "docker" that lets you attach the documents you are currently working on in koffice to a new calendar event which can be used by any Akonadi-enabled application.