Things more important the usual competition...

Haven't said much in a while -- mostly because things have been really busy for me lately. But today something really got my attention and merited some thought. In the last couple of days Ettore Perazzoli a GNOME / Evolution / Ximian hacker type of guy died; it was one of those moments for me where reading about it all of the desktop flame wars seemed to pass into irrelevance.


Tirade against GCC 3.3.2

...and Debian for shipping it. Just dealt with another user having problems -- folks friends don't let friends use unstable Debian compilers. Why does it seem that every distro seems to have to take their shot at shipping an unstable compiler? (At least SuSE's has worked reasonably well for me.)


VFolders, History and Changelogs, Oh my! (And if you order now: A screenie and rundown of recent speed hacks!)

JuK just got a couple of pretty nifty features in the last week or so. The implementations had a number of related issues to it made sense to solve them in tandem. This first of these is a history playlist which, when turned on, keeps a log of all of the things that you've played and the times that you played them. It's off by default, but you can turn it on via the view menu.


Zarro boogs and The Shape of JuK to Come

So I'm excited; JuK is down to zero open bug reports. I think this is the first time that this has been true since about 2 days after it went into CVS.

I'm still working on implementing some of the feature requests -- I made it possible to delete multiple playlists at once today, but it's nice looking at the bug reports screen and seeing a big "0". While I'm sure it won't last long it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


qt-bugs doesn't love me

Ugh, another bugfix rejected. This one affects at least KAlarm, JuK, KGPG, KGet and Kopete. Bug was acknowledged; patch acknowledged; won't fix before 3.3 (probably more than a year and no help for KDE 3.2).


Look mom, my very own blog -- filled with my boring KDE TODO list!

Well, I'm looking for the "stuff that nobody cares about" category and not finding it, so "development" shall be the lucky winner in this contest.

So, stuff that I'm up to lately:

Well, first, I'm playing tour guide again with my 4th visitor of the summer. This cuts into coding time pretty significantly, but I'm planning on hiding in my bedroom for the next few weeks and gnawing away at my TODO list.