JuK facelift

So, somewhat miraculously, I've been doing a little KDE hacking again this week for the first time since, oh, 2006 or so (aside from TagLib, which recently moved to GitHub).



I thought this might be interesting for some folks in the KDE world -- for work stuff we needed a fast implementation of Ruby's ActiveResource, so I wrote a Qt / C++ ActiveResource consumer. The performance relative to the default Rails backend is somewhat telling:


TagLib 1.6.2 Released

Lukáš, who's taken over TagLib maintainership these days, has just released the latest bug fix release for TagLib, also posted in his blog:

Changes from 1.6.1 are:


TagLib 1.6 Released

So, after far too long, TagLib 1.6 is out. I finally asked Lukáš Lalinský, who's been the largest TagLib contributor other than myself and veteran of the MusicBrainz project, to step in and take over maintainership as I've been off doing the whole interwebs startup thing for the last year and change and time is exceedingly scarce of late.

The real highlights of this release are a whole bunch of new formats supported:


Directed Edge Demo / Website Up.

I didn't get to be one of the cool-kids at Akademy this year, but it's still a pretty exciting week for me. I won't drone on about it too much, but since I mentioned here a while back that I'd just founded a new company I thought I'd drop in a link now that we're actually talking about what we're doing.


TagLib 1.5 Release

TagLib 1.5 is out.

As always, file any bug reports that you happen to run into in the bug tracker. As there are specifically a couple things that I intend to implement (wav / aiff support as well as support for ID3v2 tags in RIFF chunks) I expect a 1.5.1 (or 1.6) to be much faster in coming around this time.


TagLib 1.5 RC 1

The TagLib 1.5 RC is up. There have been a huge number of changes since 1.4 (two years ago) and even a number of changes since last week's beta.

I've also updated the documentation on the web server, put the new sources up and also put up a Mac OS Framework. The real release (or shortly thereafter) will also contain a Windows build as this is the first TagLib release to officially support Windows as well.


Trolltech, Nokia and Numbers

So there's a lot of speculation floating around about the recent Nokia acquisition of Trolltech. There will be a lot more information to unfold in the coming months. The first thing I noticed was the price tag. Around €105 million. (I'm going to convert all Norwegian Kroner values to Euro since that's easier for me and most readers to think in.) That seemed low, based on some nebulous not-grounded-in-anything, notion of what I supposed Trolltech was worth, so I did a little digging.


¿Hablas tú español?

In the world of things completely unrelated to KDE...

My life has been rather concentrated on music the last few months (including the various small-ish will-someday-be-released OSS things that I've been hacking on of late). One of the things that came up yesterday in a jam session was that based on the group's name, which contains a reference to Spanish, is that it would be fun to have a collection of samples for use in our set, with various voices in various languages saying:

"Do you speak Spanish?"