Refactor Magnetic

Well it is officially the end of GSoC. This update brings you the wrap-up of what happened in the project, what got done, what didn't get done, and what is next on the wonderful world of automated code Refactoring in C++.

What Got Done

Most of my work on this project was focused towards having a stable, and easy to use framework for developing refactoring concepts for a language in KDevelop.The language independent part of the framework consists of:


Refactor 'em All

The week before last into GSoC, and this is how things are:

Sadly I had very little time to work on the project last week because I had to be out of town for the most part. Despite of this setback though, there was a significant improvement, which is the user review widget. What this means is: Screenshot time!

Here I will be using the half-complete Private Implementation(Which takes a class, and converts it's private members to the PIMPL idiom) generator.


Refactor Inc.

Here is another update on the progress of the KDevelop refactoring support SoC.

Last week was pretty hectic for me. Sadly I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to work on the project, and even less to blog about it. However with this update I will list things that have happened these past two weeks. Among things that happened:


Refactor the Lightning

Another week into SoC, and status update for anyone mildly interested :)

So what has happened in the last week? Well I worked in the KDE hacking rooms at Akademy :).

  • I merged my branch into trunk
  • Found a bug related to document text selection and its appropriate context
  • Added the functionality to CodeGenerator, so that it could be executed by a user, or another generator
  • Started writing Unit Tests
  • Reorganizing DocumentChangeSet code
  • So what's the holdup? Where is all the cool stuff you promised?


    Drinking the 'K'ool-aid

    This past week has been quite interesting to say the least. Being at GCDS has been very interesting and educational. I got to know quite a few KDE(and some OSS) people, to chat and work with. It was pretty hard to start taking to people (most people are really shy in person), but after you get to know some people you know everything is for real(and they like to party too!).


    ...and Refactoring for All

    Hello everybody, I should introduce myself first: I am Ramón Zarazúa, I am a GSOC student working on C++ refacoring support for KDevelop. I am very pleased to be contributing to KDE and the community, and want to make us the best we can be!