OpenCycleMap server changed - don't forget to update

As you probably know, you can download a lot of additional Marble maps with the “Get hot new stuff” framework. The reason for this entry is that OpenCycleMap is now using a different server for their map storage. For all users of the OpenCycleMap in Marble it means that they will have to update their map configuration if they want to see updated maps.


KDE at the „Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage“

I just got the stuff we will need for our booth at the “Kieler Open Source und Linuxtage”. The “Kieler Open Source and Linux Tage” will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October at the “Kitz” in Kiel. If you want to meet up with some of your local KDE fellows, visit us there. There will also be two KDE related talks. Julian Bäume is going to give a talk about Kontact and Kolab and I will tell you something about Geolocation with Marble.

Progress on Marble Plugins (GSoC)

Here is a short update about Marble Plugins. Let's have a look at the weather plugin. At the moment it can display the weather condition as well as the temperature, but as the backend already holds all the other weather information it's easy to present more. Every weather stations also got a priority, which results into the displayed stations being nicely selected.

Marble weather


Marble online services

During the last weeks I introduces Marbles AbstractDataPlugin classes. These make it possible to generate a full featured Marble plugin showing for example photos on the globe with several hundered lines of code.


GSoC: Weather support and enhanced plugin features for Marble

I'd like to say hello to everybody reading this blog. This is my first blog entry. I'm starting my blog because I got accepted to this year's Google Summer of Code to work on Marble.