[OT] How to get Webex working on SUSE Linux 12.2 64bit

Sorry, for posting this on blogs.kde.org, but I think it might help a few people out there having the same problem.


Looking for a student job in an Open Source project in Germany ?

You are a student, you would like to contribute to an Open Source project, and get paid for it ?

Then I may have something for you.
At my job at Fraunhofer in Kaiserslautern we are using the CDash testing server for testing the software we develop - various different High Performance applications for Linux clusters.


Regexp library benchmarks...

Since I don't have an account to reply there http://blog.rburchell.com/2011/12/why-i-avoid-qregexp-in-qt-4-and-so.html, I'll do it here.

Recently somebody benchmarked regexp libraries as potential candidates for use in CMake.
Short version: PCRE was not exactly much faster than what is in CMake, re2 and TRE were magnitudes faster: [cmake-developers] Re: slow regex implementation in RegularExpression.


Cool new stuff in CMake 2.8.6 (3): a standard way to disable optional packages

Welcome to the third part of this small series about new stuff in CMake 2.8.6, following the first and the second part.
Most non-trivial projects, whether built with CMake or something else, depend on multiple other packages, which can be either optional or required.
In CMake-based projects all these packages are searched using the find_package() command.


Cool new stuff in CMake 2.8.6 (2): pkg-config compatible mode added for use e.g. with autotools

After introducing the automoc feature in my last blog, here comes the next part of this series. More will follow.

The new --find-package mode of CMake

Typically, in projects which are built using autotools or handwritten Makefiles, the tool pkg-config is used to find whether and where some library, used by the software, is installed on the current system, and prints the respective command line options for the compiler to stdout.


Cool new stuff in CMake 2.8.6: automoc

Starting with version 2.8.6 CMake supports what is known as automoc, i.e. automatic handling of moc when using Qt4.

As you know, when adding signals and slots to a class using Qt, this source code (typically the header) has to be processed by the moc preprocessor. This invocation of moc during the build is what we are talking about.

When using plain CMake, you had to use the macro

   qt4_wrapp_cpp(srcsVar ${filesToBeMocced}).

Vote for KDE !


you like KDE and you want to support it ?

Here's an easy way to do it:

The german bank ING DiBa is giving away 1000 Euro each to 1000 associations.
Selecting the 1000 winning associations is done via voting.
So, if you vote for the KDE eV there, we have a good chance to be one of the winners :-)

The money will be used by the eV to fund sprints, cover travel costs, run servers, etc.

This is how to do it:
1) go to https://verein.ing-diba.de/sonstiges/10115/kde-ev and click "Stimme abgeben"


Buildsystem BoF at St.Oberholz


the KDE buildsystem BoF/meeting/whatever you want to call it/ will be Monday, at 8:00 PM (i.e. in the evening) in the restaurant/cafe St.Oberholz:

According to Claudia they are used to geeks sitting around and discussing :-)

The address is
Sankt Oberholz
Rosenthaler Straße 72a
10119 Berlin

Places are reserved for us on my name (neundorf).

St. Oberholz should be 15 to 30 minutes walking from here.


Deskop Summit ... buildsystem stuff

So, to make it short, I'll be also in Berlin at the Desktop Summit, from Saturday to Wednesday evening.

So if you have wishes, questions, want to contribute to the KDE buildsystem or CMake, just look around for me :-)
There'll be a KDE buildsystem BoF . If you want to attend, please enter here when it is suitable for you in this doodle poll .

What will we be talking about there:

  • modular kdelibs

Randa Review: the buildsystem

I'm back now (since two weeks already) from the KDE Platform sprint in Randa and I have to say it was great.

Randa is located very nice in the Swiss mountains, next to Matterhorn, and very well suited not only for KDE sprints, but also for cycling (I had my bike with me there) :-)