moving blog

Just in case anyone is following me on kdedevelopers.org, I moved my blog to http://blogs.fsfe.org/gladhorn.


Networkmanager Meeting

Yesterday I arrived in Oslo just in time for pizza and talking to Will, Darío, Thiago, Olivier, Knut and the students working on mobile broadband connections.
We had a great time so far, discussing apis and cleanup of our network manager bits.
Working with Will and Darío is fun! We kept planning even on our little bar prowl with Olivier.
Darío and I kept giggling about the never ending night. Three in the morning felt like late afternoon... Good thing we came during the summer to visit Oslo.


KDE Release Party Stuttgart

Björn of the FSFE initially triggered the organization of a joint KDE 4.2 Release Party and FSFE Fellow Meeting in Stuttgart. I'm very happy that our local team grew quickly so everything went very smooth. So Friday it was time to meet and celebrate. At this point we had no idea how many people would show up.



Björn and I sat down (or rather mailed around) to get the FSFE Fellowship Meeting and KDE 4.2 Stuttgart Release Party going.
Of course that involved talking to people around here.
Ingo of RadioTux was on my list of locals, so I contacted him.
What I didn't expect was to be interviewed on RadioTux just a few days later.
I had a short interview on RadioTux.
So if you are really brave, you can listen to me (in German), stuttering here.


KDE 4.2 Release Party in Stuttgart!

I'm happy to announce a KDE 4.2 Release Party in Stuttgart. At the same time this will be the first FSFE Fellowship meeting here.
Together with the FSFE we will celebrate the release, meet, talk and have fun.
Of course everyone interested in Free Software is invited.

Björn Schiessle will talk about the FSFE and we will present the goodness that KDE 4.2 brings live on stage ;)


2009 already

Ok, it's sort of late... - I wish everyone a happy 2009 :)
And since I just found my camera:

What a way to start 2009 - Danimo enjoys his swimming pool and Lydia her green dragon.

This was before they found out their drinks were mixed up and they switched, so Lydia has Danimo's swimmingpool and Danimo the dragon... ;)



I have not investigated the QEdje-Plasma-Applets much, but here's how to get them working, assuming you compile your kde from svn.
Some info is on MoRpHeUz’s Blog.
Not enough for me though...
So here is a step by step walk-through.
You probably need libeet-dev or similar, I just got a distro package.
Get qzion and qedje:

$ git clone http://dev.openbossa.org/qedje/qzion.git
$ git clone http://dev.openbossa.org/qedje/qedje.git


The Realm of the Flying Pigs

So M got a flying pig for his birthday. Imagine that! Awesomeness - aren't you jealous? I surely am. It's even pink! There are days (or does it only happen at night, when you can't sleep?) where flying pigs seem to be the secret rulers of KDE. Flying Pig

M told me that he used to have a moving earth as desktop wallpaper. At night when I should have been sleeping the pig came flying by to remind me of the marble spinning in space. The pig kept talking to me. It reminded me that I had read about patterns as desktop background and the Mandelbrot fractal. And there was a plasma applet based on marble already. All ingredients there right? So yesterday I sat down and started writing a moving earth desktop wallpaper. It's currently in playground/base/plasma/wallpapers and just an early proof of concept.

Since the planet doesn't show the video, here is a link: Marble wallpaper video

The great thing about this is that it took only approximately three hours to get it to work for the first time. To me that shows how easy to use our APIs have become and how much power KDE 4 offers. There are stil lots of things to improve in the wallpaper globe. Some are very simple like adding a sun and stars (maybe optionally) by simply switching them on as Marble plugins. Another great idea would be to enable mouse interaction with the background. It's all there, probably just a few lines of code missing to get the first truly interactive background in KDE. And how about a different perspective - some more tilt to get a more 3d impression when flying over the country. Thank you pink flying pig.


Smart Card

A few weeks ago I got a smart card to use with gpg for hardware encryption. I'm no security fanatic but I like the idea, so I bought a "lots of different cards all in one" reader. I got a MSI StarReader SMART which should support smart cards and was available locally (strange habit, I like to go to real shops instead of the online competition sometimes).


Hobby und Elektronik

I'll be giving a KDE 4 talk at the Hobby and Electronics fair in Stuttgart tomorrow (Nov, 16th). If you were planing to drop by the fair, come on over at 15:30. You probably won't learn a lot about KDE since I intend to prepare for a rather broad non-technical audience. Let me know if you happen to be in Stuttgart and want to have a coffee or just chat :)