ARRRGGG Thanks the week is nearly over

This was simply horrible, spent all my time doing saving the ass of "certified" IT peoples ... so I didn't have anytime to work on M.2, or when I got some I was drunk so the code quality probably improved a little :)

What I don't understand is how those morons get certified being so dumb?? and they use this "worthless piece of paper" to ask 10 to 25K more for their salaries ...

Anyway this is over, for now, so time to get my todo list down a little before I go to Malaga.


at your service

this blog is to make ktech on #kde-devel happy :)
currently busy eating my lunch ... yes it's another can of sardines (it's only think me and my cat can agree on) and a ramen noodles pack ....

ktech now I hope you're happy


the long walk

last week one of my hard disk decided that life wasn't worth living anymore and died ... I know this bad enough but since it was the boot drive of one of my server it's was even worse that bad ...


there is something wrong

Last friday I decided to go to a pub, like I do every thursday and friday night with some friends, since I work home all the time, it a good occasion to see living being with a little more conversation than "Meoooow? MEEEEOOOWW" (Sorry but I can't translate it ... you will think my cat is not properly raised ;) )


Having a beer with the Enemy

As usual we can't get a day without any "attacks" from troll about how KDE suck and how GNOME is the one true desktop. Some people are pleading for more interoperability between the 2 projects, which might be good that will depend if both projects are free to choose how they do it. If one is forcing its technologies to the other then this is WRONG.


They will drive me crazy ....

It's seems for certain persons the concept of "Can you give more info?" as a reply for the classical :"Doesn't work!" or "It's just crash" is hard to grasp or even totally alien to their way of thinking.
And the worse is when those persons are supposed to be Computer professionals ... in some case I actually wonder if they were gone to take a leak when $DEITY distributed the intelligence, anyway some are just ... I'm not sure if I have enough English vocabulary to describe them.


WTF?? The fun is back ....

I just realised that I'm feeling a weird and almost forgotten emotion ...
I'm currently enjoying what I'm doing while working on M.2
and this realisation bring tears of joy to my eyes ... and I must
admit that after years (ok let say something like 17) wandering the world
and being eternaly bored it's scaring me ... maybe I won't be able to deal
with this and go back to my bored self ... we will see :)


Unexpected effect

While working on ARRRGGH, the first implementation of M.2, I discovered that
the protocol I use can also be used as a generic message based inter application framework ....
Coool! That just added more value to my project :) So now I trying to see how I can modify
the current stuff to have a generic messaging class and who knows maybe I will completely change the goal
of the project ... not really but I need to see where this thing can really go



Today I got a basic but complete implementation of M.2 working on gentoo and freeBSD.
On another subject I want to thanks Scott Wheelers to have made me discovered Mr. Bungle, weird but I like it


And the winner is ...

I was trying to find another name for m2 for a while and I come up with some nice name here the list:

and the winner is M2, yes I will stick with it. And I even find a nice way to pronounce it "Me Too" :D

Now back to work ...

UPDATE Seems that the opera mail client is also called M2 :( so I decided to change the name of the framework M.2, same pronounciation (and a cookie to anyone who find the pun)