/home sweet /home

I left Malaga last friday, so I missed the beach party :( The reason why I didn't blog before is because between the 02/09 and the 06/09 I didn't have any net access because I was in Switzerland to see my mother and some friends.
I must say I had a lot of fun there, especialy at the vinea ( ) where I paid 30 CHF ( I let you make the conversions ) to spend a complete day sampling swiss wine ... I discovered a lot of wonderfull wine there too bad they didn't have a big enough production to export some of them to Canada :(


not in public please

[11:23] * George ponders what to do
[11:24] George:
[11:25] An error occurred while loading
[11:25] Unknown host

hmmmm I wonder why he actualy tried this website :)



I did my presentation about M.2 and I was so nervous that I blew it ... well I finished presenting the stuff in 15 minutes, I have this tendency of over summarising things ... and it's worse when I'm nervous ...

well I was hoping interesting some people in this project and I might succeeded, I say succeeded because I'm not sure of it, I will see in the next few days. Now I will spend the night forgetting this by getting drunk or trying to get close to some hot spanish chicks.


my 3rd day in malaga

Thanks to Antonio efforts and leadership the organization of aKademy 2005 is pretty well.
for those of you who don't believe that Antonio is a natural leader just look at the picture.
[image:1383 class="showonplanet"]

Last night we had a nice party sponsored by Novell, which mean we had a lot of free beers, spirits etc ...

I left the bar with some others to get into another club ... and when I left around 4 am, Spaniards were still waiting in line to get in, this place is absolutely crazy :)


I love their Vending Machines!!!!

They have beer in it!!!!! 0.80euro!!!!
enough said :)

and drupal is telling me I need at least 10 words ... I think I'm ok with this meaningless filling


Malaga .... first impression

I arrived yesterday after a 7 hours flight to zurich, 6 hours in Flughafen Zurich... 2.5 hours flight to malaga (waited for 45 minutes to get my luggages ... and I was told it was fast for here :) ) and I was tired ... but wait to much tired to go to sleep so we decided to go to the beach, after a quick trip to the supermarket.


2 Days before liftoff

And still a lot of shitty things to do before :(
Like finally setup the webserver and the email server that will host the M.2 pages and mailing list :)
but that can wait when I'm back in September :D

today I will spend the day on household stuffs, packing, working on my presentation,
which is not going as planned and probably drinking a lot ... need to practice :D


I want a 180 days week

I need time ... I have a long list of things to do before leaving for akademy
and with the fucking phone constantly ringing I barely managed to do 15% of it
and I must also say that the feeling that I had lost control over the things doesn't help
so I go to pubs and drink a lot ... I know it's not the solution but it help me to forget :)
and I don't know why but this morning I managed to make a really bad coffee (more like coffee
flavored water) so I'm probaly get really pissed off soon ...


This was worthing it

Yesterday, my father and my stepmother came to see me for 2 days, and since I won't probably see them before xmas, I decided to take the days away from my computers, M.2 and the presentation, just to do something else that I usualy don't do, like going to visit museums ...



Ok this morning I decided to implement SOAP support to M.2. I thought nothing can be worse than SNMP specs but I was wrong ... this thing is evil, truely evil but since it's a standard, I will probably spend the next 3 or 5 years cursing while trying to get it work :D so see then