Why if I'm this busy I feel so bored?

After a long autumn working on various embedded linux related contracts,
writing way to many version of a business plan, trying to get some
order back in my life (still working on it), and various other thing ...
most of them family and looking for a job kind of stuff ...

For the family related stuff, my sister gave birth to a nice girl in October (i know I'm late )
and the baby is an angel ...


nethack monster

[email protected]%/]?
If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a mimic. I can be whatever I think you need me to be - it might look like I'm here to help you, but really you're here to help me.


Reflexion on the state of the society ....

No I don't want to change it ... it's just that a little before xmas
I was planning (and still planning to) to get a OpenDesktop Workstation ( http://www.pegasosppc.com/odw.php )
and I was talking with some of my friend in Quebec City who happens to be like me self employed computer consultants
and they all told me that on a business level this purchase was bad and it will use a lot of my
office (which is in a second room in my apartment) and that I won't be able to make anymoney with it ...


perfect major

You scored as Engineering.

You should be an Engineering major!


Something to think about

Today I watched a rerun of the Daily show
on the comedy channel (Canada) .. and they
were talking about the FCC hearings about
the cables channels and the profanity they
were airing on the "family hours " ....
And I was think what is closer to the real christian
values than a guy who is fucking a woman or a guy who
is killing another one??? I will let you think about
this in the holidays time ...
merry xmas and happy new year to all


When you're bored ....

... you're bored :) so I browsed the web and I found this interesting website (ok sort of)
http://www.chriswetherell.com/elf/ and http://www.chriswetherell.com/hobbit/

so my Hobbit name is Gorbulas Bumbleroot of Fair Downs and Elf one is Angrod Celebrindal

Now if only I could get a Klingon name generator .... I think I will go watch some tv or read a book


late at night for somes

[21:25] <uga> chouimat|laptop: shame to know antonio larrosa went closed source =(
[21:25] <uga> antlr-2.7.4-8.noarch.rpm
[21:26] <chouimat|laptop> uga: ROFL!!!!!!!
[21:26] <thiago> lol


Please stop us

Last weekend, in a pub with some friends,we started to talk about aliens abductions and we weren't able to
understand why an advanced race able of travelling between the stars will come here to do anal probes ...

And it's were I got the truth (ok 2 theories :) )

1) Student pranks ... as it's not really evolved

2) High school student field trip to study lesser advanced life forms ... I imagine the report about this.
" 1 out of 10 males from the planet Xxfdfzzzer subjected to an anal probe seems to enjoy it "

Have a nice week everybody


fun with little things

In the few weeks since I'm back from malaga, I got a new contract consisting of writing a control application on an emebedded device (a lpc2138 based one). And no I don't use Qt on this. The reason is I only have 32KB of ram and 512KB of flash on the board. so I must write all the graphic primitive, a nice change from those multigigabytes desktop systems ... This remind me of my old Color Computer 3 :'-( I miss this computer ...



I took me more than a week to be back on the right timezone, process all the emails,voicemails from various persons, and I'm still not fully 100% operational, but I'm getting there ( I hope). And while I was processing all this "stuff" I realised that I wanted to write something, and this something doesn't mean it's a piece of software, it can be anything. Since I'm notin top shape yet, I have no clue of what this something can be ... maybe I will take 2 asperines and go to sleep tonight and I will have forgotten this .... or maybe not