fun stuff to do :)

Last night I discovered a new, and really enjoyable, activity to
try to get out of my boredom and depression, and no for the perverts out there I'm not talking about masturbation... for the one I'm talking about you need more equipment, I know some perverts will say you can use a lot of thing to do it ...

Ok back to the real subject, like I'm trying to say, I discovered that dumping coffee beans one by one in the coffee grinder can be fun ... it's even more fun if you imagine that the beans is someone or something that pissed you off in your life ...


ok let's do a nice brain dump :D

As some might have understood from my last blog, I'm currently in a
really bad phase ( I don't know if I'm still on the down one or slowly get up the hill).


close enough

Today I wrote this and it's close enough to what I'm currently thinking:
I.interest in this
E.xistance ....

no nobody will get bonus point out of this one



I have been feeling down for the last few days since saturday to be more exacts.
First I got a fun call from a friend about his new project and once again he take me for granted, the problem is I have a really strong gut feeling against this project, I don't know what it
is but something feels wrong about it ... anyway it's probably only my imagination ...


real threat to freedom??

after reading the thread on kde-core-devel mailing about
a common coding style for kdelibs it seems we have to clan:
the pro and the anti ... well like every flamewars :D


What's the point of all of this ...

For the past few months (or should I say years) I'm trying to get rid of this
feeling that I'm born in the wrong era or maybe aeon and in the current
society I'm more than worthless ... it's hard and since this morning
I'm asking myself why bother trying to improve myself and feel better
if nobody care about me anyway (ok it's not quite true it seems there is at least
one living being that care about me ... only because I feed him and clean his litter box ...


new toy

This week I got a nice new toy to play with and
hack... it's a Linksys WRTSL54G, and yes it run
linux and it has an USB port so it can be used
for storage like my Linksys NSLU2 ... the first
thing I did was to build my own firmware (based
on OpenWRT) ... it's not in service on my network yet
because last time I had a WRT54G someone killed it so
this time I will to a lot of testing ...



after reading aseigo last blog
Point 4 in the list (walk signals on streets don't mean much of anything.
watch out for cars going through the red light even if it says "walk".)
remind me of a sound piece of advice my parents told me went I was a kid :
"When you want to cross a street, a road, etc look to see if there is
a car coming in both direction, even on a one-way street. There something
called REVERSE on a car"


Being bored is dangerous

Lately, I was even more bored than usual. so I decided to check what I had on old backup tapes
and I found a lot of applications I wrote for DOS in Clipper (the xbase compiler) and I thought that some
of them are worthy of being "modernized" I know some linux based xBase compilers, xharbour (
Clip ( but they compile the clipper code to C and use a vm ...
I thought it would be fun (I know I have a weird definition of fun) to hook one of them to GCC 4.1 ...


Some peoples don't quite grasp some easy to

understand concept like "use the right tool for the job"
after spending a few weeks (2) trying to salvage a project (shouldn't have accepted this contract)
I come to realise once again that some persons still choose the technologies for their
project based on how high the buzzword is on the "Pointy-haired boss" scale