it's been a fun ride

yes it's been a fun ride. For the past 18 months, I had a nice job, but since yesterday not anymore. I think it's a nice occasion to look at all the stuff that eat all the space on my hard disks and see what can be reused and released as opensource.

but for now time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of doing nothing, of having nothing to do and also not having to be at the office on time ... this is life ... except without the $$$ :)


Happy 2009

I think the title say it all.
so I wish everyone to have a nice year 2009, with
everything one might desire ....


it's been a long time since I wrote something here.

A few weeks ago, I decided to write a small utility to
help me with my work and also to relearn Qt. This small
utility enable me to control the boot process, update
the firmware of various devices I have at home and at work.

The current version only work with a serial link, and it's
it's also hard coded for the specific devices I have.
I'm currently thinking about refactoring the current code base
so I can remove the proprietary stuff and make the thning more flexible
with different plugins, I will probably had jtag support and
maybe a nice kde4 gui ...


Happy 2008

I want to wish everyone a great and happy 2008.
It's been a while since I last blogged and the reason is I'm pretty busy with the new job, which after nearly 2 months is still fun and challenging and I hope it will stay this way. It's having a nice effect on my, I start to want to program again (well I think I will go take 2 aspirins and wait until this pass) ;)


Fresh new start soon

Tomorrow morning, I will start my new job at axentra.
I must admit I'm a little nervous but also excited by this new job. After 3 years of being self-employed, and with all the shit I had last year and until this May , it's a definitly a welcomed change in my professional life. Sure I will miss the fact that I was able to wake up late in the morning, not having to dress to go to work and also the 30 seconds commute times, but for a more steady income it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.


sometime you really have to stay calm

and I must admit it's hard to stay calm when you get stuff like I had this week
but first a little background story is needed:


a long, slow and extremely boring process

it took me nearly 2 months to go through 7 years of code.
and I came to the sad reality that only 5% of it is reusable and interesting
even the embedded firewall product is not that interesting anymore since it's based
on an ancient technology (namely freebsd 4.x) so I decided to ditch it too, no more new version
and no support for it since I don't have the setup for doing it. What I will do is
to take the knowledge and some of the cool concept I got while designing it and reimplement them


New toy and stuff

Today a received a new toy, a shiny greenphone!!!
After the last year of extremely bad things it's will help me get back the love
of software development. And to help me find it again I decided to reorganise my office
which is still on the temporary setup I did when I moved in here over 3 years ago ...
finally I won't kill myself by tripping on network or electrical cable anymore ...


Free at last ... maybe not

Afer a few months of really bad working atmosphere (see blogs.kde.org/node/2523)
and some of legal stuff, I thought all of this was over until yesterday
when the fruitcase called me to ask me to join his new venture, offer
which I naturally refused. I just have to say he didn't liked this answer,
I have a few recorded voicemails as proof of this :(


Still alive and kicking

It been a while since the last time I wrote something in here.
I spent the last few months mostly dealing with personal stuffs
and so far I think I'm on the right track. I hope soon to be free of some [:/node/2523|bullshit]