Visiting with Wil Wheaton

Many of your know I met Wil in July. I had heard last year that he really liked Quanta and mentioned it on his site so I wanted to meet him. Tonight was really a lot of fun! It's amazing how easy it is to just get into your own little world and sit at home when you're self employed. It's also fun to see just how interesting people you can meet are. Wil is really fun not because he's a celebrity but because he's Wil. This time we made the commitment to get there early enough to hear him read.


How community based development can blow away commercial efforts

Hi everyone,

It's fun to have this platform for developers and so I thought I'd put forward
an idea I've been trying to promote for some time that seems to not get much
traction in the community. Often I get a request that reads like can you add
auto completion support for [your favorite scripting language here]?
dilligently reply "I don't actually use that language and we have a policy
that these must be done by people who use them and can test them. However Quanta
is set up so that users can add a language using XML."
Now, please allow me
some small degree of indulgence here... but isn't it weird that given these facts

  • The program was free
  • XML should be part of a web developer's toolbox and no big deal
  • The idea of "community" means you'd think people would be both
    proud and anxious to do their part

Yet it is maybe one in four or less that will finally step up and put a few
hours into what is essentially making a tool their own. I'm not really surprised,
but I can't say I'm still not dissapointed.