Qt 4: Disabling a Bunch of Widgets

I just had a problem with Knowledge, which as you might know, is my attempt towards a Wikipdia offline reader: I needed to disable lots of GUI stuff in my QMainWindow-derived class as long as no offline image is loaded. Some of the widgets werent even available as object members. All widgets need to be deactivated and then activated again after the book was loaded. The obvious choice would have been to add a bunch of members, one for every object in question, and then call setEnabled( true ) or setEnabled( false ) for each of them respectively. Result: lotsa code.


Qt 4.0 Progress

Qt4 is really progressing well. The only problem at this point is that it still changes a lot even after Beta 2 which originally meant to end the phase of rather radical changes, according to the trolls. But that's fine. Let them get their APIs sorted out, let them react to the extensive feedback and let them time to do it right.


R.I.P. EU-Democracy

... if you ever existed. Today, Denmark failed in its attempt to stop Software Patents from being passed through the EU Council. There is IMHO little hope that the second reading of the parliament will make a difference.


A real breeze: WebFolders with KDE 3.4

After I tried to discover what's behind Konquerors new shiny Introduction page, I discovered a feature that I want to share: Konqueror now knows the metaphor of WebFolders, similar to Windows, but actually supporting more protocols. (Warning: Flash movie ahead :))


Kontact: Eyecandy / Exchange

Today, I finished two the new intro screen that was fairly overdue already. It's meant to look fancy and be useful (to a certain extend at least ;)

In other news I finally committed the new exchange wizard with hopefully all relevant strings. I'll be working on it tomorrow to make sure to have something working for the final release. Right now it simply does nothing, so noone is gets hurt, just a bit disappointed maybe.


Draw your conclusion

Ok, this is just in: The town of vienna is migrating to Linux. Contrary to Munich, they are doing a "soft migration", which means they will only migrate 4.800 workplaces to Linux out of 7.500 which will be running independant of the OS. This is a lot more cost-efficient for them. They have no migration pressure, as their support contacts with Microsoft are running until 2010, yet they do want to migrate.


Juvenile sins: KBattleship

As some might know, KBattleship was Niko and my first application in KDE CVS. Today, I saw some commits to it again. It's unbelieveable that people kept working on it, even added new features like the DNS-SD support that was recently checked in. I was looking at the code and felt totally embaressed - ill-named classes, heavy pointer abuse, unused layouts, lack of appropriate data structures, just to name a few of our sins. So I want and fired up vim.


21c3 roundup; Kontact hacking; Qt4; New Year

I spent the last days in Berlin, joining the folks at the 21. Chaos Communication Congress (dubbbed "21C3" for that matter). Besides attending some highly interesting talks this was a very welcome way to not only meet the "usual suspects" from the KDE and GNOME camp, but also to make new friends, share new ideas and discuss things. The athmosphere was awesome, albeit unfortunately only as in feeling, not as in breathing (unless you like lung cancer).