Gwenview cropping

(Creating an entry on my old blog until PlanetKDE is updated)

I implemented crop support in Gwenview. Here is the blog entry about it.


Moved my blog

I moved my blog from kdedevelopers.org to wordpress.com. The new address is http://agateau.wordpress.com.

This new blog will stay KDE focused, but will also include more general geek stuff and real-life news. I just posted my first KDE related blog entry. It's about the new way to save images in Gwenview. I am eagerly waiting for Planet KDE readers to check and comment :-)


Gwenview progress

Long time no blog (It seems most of my blog entries begin like that...). In case you missed it, Gwenview has moved to kdegraphics, yeah! I am very happy about it.

Has I keep saying here and there, the KDE4 port of Gwenview is more a rewrite than a port, at least from the user perspective (I try to port as much as possible of the available internals). Since everybody love screenshots, here is one of the current SVN version:

[image:2845 width=300]


WengoPhone 2.1.0 is out!

(warning, lame marketing attempt following)

I am happy to report that Wengo (the company I work for) has finally released version 2.1.0 of the WengoPhone, a GPL licensed, Qt4 based, cross-platform softphone featuring SIP based VoIP, multi protocol IM support (thanks to libgaim libpurple), SMS sending, PSTN calls and much more.


Holidays and SVK

As you may know, I bought myself a laptop, which I felt compelled to bring with me during my latest vacation to unload my digital camera and for the occasional late night hack.

The trouble with hacking on a laptop on holidays is that you may not have network access, meaning you can't commit your work to Subversion...


New Laptop

Hum, long time no blog...

I finally bought a laptop: it's a Lenovo 3000 N100. I am happy to report almost everything worked out of the box when I installed Ubuntu Edgy, including Wifi. Only tricky thing was figuring out how to get the correct video resolution. It turned out the only necessary action was to apt-get install 915resolution.


Looking for a Linux friendly laptop

I finally decided I needed a laptop. My dream machine would meet the following criteria:

  • Linux friendly. I would like to "vote with my wallet" and buy a machine for which there exist open source drivers for all components.
  • I will be compiling a lot with it, so it should be quite fast at this. This means a fast processor, a decent hard disk and not turning into a bakeoven everytime a binary is linking.
  • Not the size of an aircraft-carrier. But not too small too.

If you know the model of my dream machine, please tell me!


Gwenview II, the return

I forgot to blog about this: I'm not giving up maintainership of Gwenview anymore, in fact it has been decided that Gwenview will move to kdegraphics for KDE4! This is what I call great news!

The nice people from kde-usability and I have been working on the design of this new Gwenview. It's going to be a bit different from what you have been used to, but I believe it's more focused on the way most people use Gwenview: either to quickly view an image, or to browse all images in a folder.


Solutions Linux 2007

Solutions Linux, a french exhibition happens next week in Paris.

As usual, the KDE France team will demonstrate the finest solutions in KDE technologies. To help us in our task, we need you: tell us what is a must see in the latest 3.5 version as well as in the upcoming 4.0 release. With your contribution, we should be able to ensure maximum jaw drop...


Looking for a maintainer for Gwenview

Having been working on Gwenview for six years, I finally came up with the decision that it was time to move on.

It has been a tough decision, but I realize I don't have enough free time to manage such a project by myself anymore. If you want to know more, have a look at the message I posted to the mailing list.

Of course, I do not want Gwenview to die, that's why I'm looking for a maintainer. If you are interested, please contact me.