KMail "Wow"

Szymon Stefanek's KMail GSoC project was merged into trunk today.

Stunning. You've got to try it. KMail has been re-launched!


To quote the commit message:
"... New features include grouping, multiline items and the ability to customize just about everything of the look of the message list.
Also, we have a tabbed interface for opening more than one folder at once now..."

Fantastic work Szymon and Thomas.


KOrganizer Printing -- Call for Help

Printing in KOrganizer is really in need of some attention. Especially now that we are providing RichText capabilities in calendar descriptions and elsewhere. You can even write journal entries entirely in RichText. But the printing system doesn't know anything about RichText.

There are dozens of outstanding bugs related to printing in KOrganizer.

The job involves knowledge of low-level drawing primitives (move-draw, set pens and brushes.. stuff like that).


eGroupWare Resource (Going, going..?)

The eGroupWare resource in KDE-PIM hasn't gotten much love and attention in a long time. It compiles, but we have no idea if it really works, nor do we have anyone on the PIM team who uses it.

This is an open call for either 1) someone to take over the maintainership of the eGroupWare kresource or 2) someone to at least help us by testing patches and giving feedback.

Else... we may be forced to remove this resource in KDE-PIM 4.2.

Volunteers please contact me directly or send a message to the kde-pim mailing list.


Thank You Note

As we near the first release ever of KDE-PIM for KDE4, I want to take this opportunity to thank the many folks who helped the kdepim team move to a stable release in a short 6 months.

On behalf of our small group of KDE-PIM developers, Thank You! to the KDE BugSquad, the people who hang out on IRC and help with quick testing of new code, the beta testers and bug reporters, the triagers, and everyone else who gave us kind words of encouragement. We really couldn't have made it happen without you.


Help for KDE CMake Modules

We now have documentation for our custom KDE CMake Modules, brought to you by the EBN. I have a little script that runs every night to re-generate this page, just in case we changes things as time goes by.

But, if you're like me, you'd rather have quick access to a man page. You can create one with the following command:

% cmake -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=/path/to/kdesvn/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/cmake/modules --help-custom-modules /path/to/kdeinstall/share/man/man1/kdecmake.1


Quickies but Goodies

A list of good stuff that I was involved with in the past week:

* The PIM team (mostly Till) posted the KDE PIM 3.5.9 Features List. A huge list of exciting, new features that will be released with KDE 3.5.9 resulting from the merge of the enterprise branch.


kDebug areas Be-Gone (almost)

Thanks to Marc Mutz's idea, one can now set their application debug area by telling the C++ compiler about it and then never having to remember that debug area again.

"Set it and forget it"

Simply add the following line into your application's top-level CMakeLists.txt


(replacing XXXX with your debug area).


Qt4 Man Pages

Lazy Web warning:

I looked and looked.. I even tried to figure out qdoc3. No joy.

Anyone know how to generate the man pages for Qt4? Or where I can get a tarball with the man pages?

In Fedora Core6 there is an RPM called qt-devel-docs that has the man pages for Qt3, so man pages are possible.


KDE4: Hints, Bugs, Fixes

A running list of stuff about the KDE4 desktop -- typed in from little slips of paper I have laying around on my desk:


Man Pages for API Dox

I like man pages.

So today I wrote a little script called that uses doxygen to generate API Dox in man page format
from our KDE source code.

To use:

% cd trunk/KDE/kdelibs
% ../kdesdk/scripts/ -d /path/to/kde/share

Replacing "/path/to/kde" in these instructions with the real path to your KDE4 installation.

Repeat for other KDE modules: kdepimlibs, etc.