Accessibility at work in Trysil

I get so seldom to blog about such an important topic as Accessibility, but I think this is worth noting:

Gunnar's IRC client is reading incoming messages alound using kttsd and it's puzzling the first time you hear it, but after some time you notice how much fun is related to it. Just see here (slightly edited)



What's up with all these teams being unable to score and then claiming the referee was unfair? To remind everyone: this game is not about standing still and wait for the referee to signal penalty shoot out.

Having said that: the russian referee for Nuremberg wasn't really up to the unfairness of the match and it's sad that the rules do not allow the referee to watch on slow motions on TV - I'm sure we would have seen a red card in 8. minute and the match would have been another.


I told you it's flying

Seems I scared some people with my 15 fonts story. So no more worrying,
a SUSE Linux 10.1 Alpha3 (pretty standard system) can be pretty quick:

That is with 280 fonts - and as you can see my bash is up after 4 seconds.
Of course this works only if your kdm will preload your data in the background,
which it already does in 10.0 though.


It's flying - if done right!

It's great to see the progress fontconfig does performancewise after such a long time without much progress. And it's great
that Dirk and me are referred to as "perf guys" in the fontconfig changelog now :)


Back in Fuerth

I don't know about other cities, but for Nuernberg/Fuerth the definite sign for being home is entering the metro and the driver saying "Pleahz schteb bek" (trying to mimik franconian accent in English isn't really easy :) as the train leaves the stations. I know several people (including my mother) that insist on taking the metro if they are around just for that to happen. And just today I was in a train where the driver tried to speak plain german, but then again in the tone of a city guide. Very nice touch for those getting up early actually :)


I'm lovin it!

Whatever you guys took out of the Malaga conference - for me it's this: I love my wife (knew _that_ part before, but I better list it to avoid misunderstandings), my bed, my couch, the silence in my bedroom and speaking german (having meals without having to guess what it is pretty cool :).

And the most important part actually: if I have to pick the location where I want to be sick, I surely prefer $HOME. Having seen Boudewijn (copy & paste of text is so much easier than copy & paste of spellings btw :) and Cornelius, I really felt lucky.


Could be just me, but...

OK, this is my first and only blog entry during the Malaga conference. And so I have to report about what really bothers me about this city.


Back to Future

As I said before, I'm ringed now. Our families and friends joined us celebrating our love.



Time for me to start a new life

About time I tell everyone interested about it: Friday, July 1st 2005 I will stop being Mister Kulow, the boy friend and become Mister Kulow, the husband of Mrs. Kulow :)

Nothing more to add, beside: I'll be back from vacation on 11th. Don't expect too much from me till 21st though - as till then I will spend my afternoons in front of the TV set watching cycling. And in case you wonder: my dreambox is there and will record every minute of it, so I don't miss anything while I'm away.


Everyone knows the rule...

... if freecell runs the rest is just fun. So our first mile stone in Qt4 porting was getting freecell up and running. From now on the rest are peanuts: