aKademy Photos

It's about time: my photos from aKademy are online. :)

With aKademy being over for over two weeks already and the next aKademy in Glasgow already announced that's long overdue.

There are not many KDE-related pictures in there because I didn't carry my camera with me during the first few conference days. I tried to compensate at the end by taking pictures of Aaron Seigo handing over the big Konqi to Marcus Furlong to thank him for organizing this excellent aKademy.


KDE Four Multimedia Meeting Aftermath

For most people the KDE Four Multimedia Meeting (K4M) was concluded on Sunday, May 28th, almost two weeks ago.

Sebastian put up his picture gallery during the event, Claire has put up her pictures as well.

Mine were still missing.


Post-after-dinner dip

As you've no doubt read on Adriaan's blog, the KDE Four Multimedia Meeting kicked off today. Previously known as K3M, we decided to extend the name to reflect the other KDE Four developer meetings that will be held later this year and give them a more common naming.


KDE Business Cards Woes

In my last blog I said that I expected my KDE business cards within a couple of days. One day later Adriaan and Sebas got theirs. I live at the other end of the Netherlands, I'm a West Coast guy, and as we all know the Netherlands are a huge country. It's at least 150 km from Adriaan and Sebas to my place. *cough* How long would that take a postal service?

Almost a week.

I guess they bridged the distance by tiptoe, because otherwise I just don't have an explanation for the 5-days waiting.

Or perhaps I do.


Where tapas meet KDE, where KDE Multimedia developers meet eachother and more

This week has been interesting, to say the least. Monday was an official holiday in the Netherlands (called "2nd Easter Day") which I used to extend the break from work and KDE that I took last weekend.


Back to College; Updating a running KDE; KDE 4 Name

Today I went back to the college where I got my Bachelor's degree a couple of years ago. This time to watch a good friend's graduation talk. It's almost impossible to compare school systems between countries, so even while the EU has unified on Bachelor's and Master's degrees it's hard to say where they are in other countries.


KOffice integration kicks the console's ass!

Today a friend of mine whom I haven't seen for a couple of weeks came by. Over dinner the subject came to the KDE Multimedia Meeting that KDE-NL is planning and the fact that we're looking for sponsors. (BTW, if you're reading this and are interested in sponsoring, please drop me or one of the other organizers a note!)


I should blog more often

I really should blog more often. My last blog has been over four months ago. And it's not like nothing happened since then.

KDE promotion and marketing hasn't been so alive in years. After aKdemy Sebastian, Wade and me started the first Marketing Working Group and together with the help of several other people (notably, Tom, who has done a tremendous amount of work there) we launched SpreadKDE back last November.


Taking KDE Promo & Marketing to the Next Level

No, I didn't drop off the Planet. I just haven't blogged since... hmm, since when? Well, since a while. There's been plenty of stuff deserving a blog, but due to several lousy and less-lousy reasons they never ended up here.

This time I can't remain silent though. Somehow I managed to get myself volunteered for the KDE Marketing Working Group. That of course requires an explanation...


KExtProcess Documentation

When I started to write yesterday's blog I planned to add all kind of information about KExtProcess. It turned out that my blog became pretty big when I was only about halfway the stuff I planned, so I changed plans and promised some extra updates this week.

So here comes the first bonus chapter: documentation.