Datakiosk, Baseball and Klik! Three good things that go good together...

I have been busy working on Datakiosk and am nearing a new release. I know many folks are a bit puzzled by this application, so to dispel the wonder I have cooked up a pretty cool demonstration of Datakiosk thanks to Klik. This new release will add some pretty significant new features.


Into Hell

Into hell. That is where I went this weekend.


MS Office 12's Incredible New UI

Ariya sent an email to the KOffice list today passing along this link to an interview with the program lead for MS Office 12's new UI. All I can say is WOW. This is stunning stuff. A colossal change and, IMO, a great one. They have taken an incredibly complex app and eliminated all of the menu's _without_ eliminating the functionality. They've also made it so that none of the functionality is hidden.

Here's a screenshot:


What passes for grad work today... LOL

public int hashCode() {
/* This is probably a fairly bad hash function */
return 0;


Google Fight Methodology

First, it was just for shits and giggles folks. Don't take it so seriously ;)

That said, quite a few folks wonder why I set 'restrict=linux' and not 'restrict=kde' or some such thing. Well, the answer is quite simple... If you'd click through to the parameters explanation link that I posted in the methodology section you'd see that Google has only four topic restrictions: US Government, Linux, Macintosh and FreeBSD ;) There is no KDE restriction.


KDE Google Fight!

I was playing with googlefight today when it occurred to me to run a few KDE names through the gauntlet... Amused, I decided to use Google's web API to run the list of kde-ev member names and produce the first KDE-Google-Fight-Royal-Rumble :=)



1. New Laptop 2. KDE4 testing of apps without install

1. Purchasing a new Laptop...

So, this weekend is Massachusetts tax free holiday and I'm thinking of using the occasion to purchase a new laptop.

I was wondering if anyone out there in KDE land had experience with the ThinkPad T43 1871? I can currently get this laptop at discount through a friend for $1,274.00. Is it a good deal? Should I get something else? Anyone have a strong opinion one way or another?


Me? Debug mode. My Wife? Optimize mode.

Like many software developers I am a lazy person by nature. There is a theory which states that the primary motivation which drives software developers to work so hard is in fact, laziness. This only seems like a paradox until you think about it for a moment. Probably the single greatest moment in the history of laziness was the invention of the remote control. Such a sublime discovery could not have occurred but for the basic primal human need to be a lazy slob of a couch potato every once in awhile.


Old/New Kugar

As I said below, I just assumed maintainership of Kugar from adymo and have been working on re-integrating his local tree into koffice svn. Well, that is now complete, although there is still a whole lot of work to be done: d-pointifying the library, getting rid of the Qt-only shell, etc, etc. I also have a number of new goals for Kugar including greater control over grouping and sorting, making it easier to embed both the viewer and designer into other apps (dataKiosk and Kexi come to mind) and just general bug fixing and so on.