de Icaza: we're dropping XAML; QML's human friendly

Short story: Almost 3 years ago Miguel praised elegance of QML compared to XAML. It took so much time to abandon Moonlight but other than technical, the hottest reason is abandoning the XAML/Silverlight and whole .NET-on-Desktops idea by Microsoft itself.


Kexi's Easter Egg only on April Fools' Day

And Now for Something Completely Different.
Kexi's Easter Egg just appeared and quite magically it's only available on April Fools' Day ;)

To try, run any beta of Kexi 2.4 or 2.5 alpha. Then close the app, run again and look closer. Enjoy!

It works (I hope - untested!) thanks to the remote updates for the user feedback/news module[*] that we managed to fit within the Calligra 2.4 release plan. More on that later.

[*] BTW, you won't find any traces in the source code...


Q-Fridges - we're hiring!

There are job offers floating sporadically on planetkde so I guess this one would fit too especially that there are many related technologies involved.

You may remember my story about some crazy Qt device. Now there is apparent expansion both vertically and to other types of high-end devices, so:


Fruits of CSS2: Office Forms

(this is a continuation of the Fruits of Calligra Suite Sprint #2 series)

2012 started and I am still summarizing ideas from the Sprint. Today an integration idea: Office Forms for Calligra apps.

Forms are useful for improving data entry. Alternatives like entering data into spreadsheet cells can be too error-prone or tedious for the end-users. Forms reuse the GUI paradigm that is most probably already known and accepted by the user.


Fruits of CSS2: Shared Themes

(this is a continuation of the Fruits of Calligra Suite Sprint #2 series)

You don't need to become a seasoned web developer to know the value of styling documents with the CSS. This Sunday the technology turns 15 since its initial release.


Fruits of CSS2: Eating Our Own Dog Food

It may seem obvious but eating our own dog food can definitely be good for your project's condition. Especially when it is maturing over time. How many testers can we have and how many personas for your user-centered design can we define and maintain? Usually just a few with the actual resources. Is only fulfilling needs of more or less fictional actors focusing on few use cases a good direction? Or does it put our vigilance to sleep?


Fruits of CSS2: Kexi for KDE Contributors

Over the years, most if not all my presentations on Kexi were aimed at users or power users. When preparing for the Calligra Sprint I thought it would make sense to approach the Calligra contributors with a small update on what are goals and ideas embedded in this specific office application. I hope you, the KDE contributors, would benefit a bit too.


Fruits of CSS2

No, this is not HTML5 topic, I mean fruits of Calligra Suite Sprint #2 ;)

My plan is to post series of logs from the Calligra Sprint on the following days. Each covering one topic. Today about branding.

The story started when our logo has been delivered by our (KDE's) designer Eugene Trounev. I have looked over his shoulder not once on various occasions and I know his attention to detail.


Don't browse, search

"Don't browse, search" is already well known demand and it changes the way people expect to use your app.

Recently I needed to finalize first incarnation of my Global Search feature in Kexi. Being late by two days after Calligra beta 3 tagging, I made it fully working only for RC1 now. But it's here.

What I needed is line edit with completion. You'd say KDE has KCompletion. Well, it could be improved e.g. in areas like model/view support.


New 'Cool' Developments

"World must be crazy" say fellow hackers when realized that one day I left Samsung's Linux Mobile Lab to work on Smart Refrigerators.

But well, it's still in the same company, the same city. Yet this does not mean I am stopping to dig in Linux stuff for living: we're talking about Linux fridges.