Qt bindings for libusb

I've finally completed the C++ bindings for libusb - what a fun way to spend New Years Eve.

This implementation is layered on top of the C routines - no changes to any of the existing code, so it should be portable to any platform supported by libusb. It relies on Qt - I looked hard at the STL stuff, but Qt was much better, especially for string handling (yep - USB devices return strings in Unicode). I decided to stay with QPtrList for now, despite being told it wasn't likely to last long - it was a better match for my conceptual design.


Server side

I've been thinking about what KDE is. Or what it means to be a "desktop environment" at all. KDE has many faces (and we're not just talking about kde:KJanusWidget :). The windowing manager (and associated KDE Panel) is the public face, but the infrastructure in
kdelibs that makes the key applications (KMail, Konqueror, konsole, kdevelop, and lots more) not just possible, but consistent and reliable. The toolset in kdevelop, and the developer community are key parts of KDE too.


C++ bindings to hardware

I've been working on C++ bindings for libusb, which is a cross platform library for accessing USB devices. Currently I have a really hierachial class structure, where each Endpoint is in a Qt:QPtrList - the Interface. Each Interface is in a Qt:QPtrList - the Alternative Setting. Each AltSetting is in a Qt:QPtrList - the Configuration. Each Configuration is in a Qt:QPtrList - the Device. Each Device is in a Qt:QPtrList - the Bus. Each Bus is in a Qt:QPtrList - the Busses.