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Massif Visualizer 0.8.0 released

Wednesday, 8 May 2024  |  release-team

Massif Visualizer 0.8.0 has been just released! The main focus of this release is the port to Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6 as well as general code modernisation, but of course some bugs have been squashed too. The full changelog can be found below.

About Massif Visualizer:

Massif Visualizer is a tool that - who'd guess that - visualizes massif data. You run your application in Valgrind with --tool=massif and then open the generated file in the visualizer. Gzip or Bzip2 compressed massif files can also be opened transparently.

You can learn more at

SHA256: 5fad3f0e0d9fbb6bc8cfb744cb4e2c99f231d57ee0dd66dd594d36c2cc588a80
Signed by: D81C 0CB3 8EB7 25EF 6691 C385 BB46 3350 D6EF 31EF Heiko Becker

Full changelog:

  • appdata: Add upcoming 0.8.0 release
  • Unbreak KDE CI config: require "@stable-kf6" branch of kgraphviewer
  • KDE CI: require tests to pass (for platforms where they currently do)
  • KDE CI config: require "@same" branch of kgraphviewer
  • appstream: use new id without hyphen
  • Port away from QScopedPointer
  • ParseWorker: fix switched error title & text for empty data file
  • Overhaul action & title texts to follow KDE HIG, add more UI marker contexts
  • Config dialog: align "Shorten Templates" checkbox with form fields
  • Config dialog: avoid full-width comboboxes, use system style
  • Update outdated Kate editor setting replace-trailing-space-save
  • Use more function-pointer-based Qt signal/slot connections
  • Remove some unused includes
  • Use KStandardAction (member-)function-pointer-based overloads
  • Use ECM-requirement-derived default KDE_COMPILERSETTINGS_LEVEL
  • Drop any margins around document & tool views
  • Use QList directly instead of Qt6-times alias QVector
  • Switch from target_link_libraries' legacy LINK_PRIVATE to PRIVATE
  • Use more target-centric cmake code
  • CMake: remove unneeded explicit addition of current dirs to include dirs
  • Fix build with older cmake: -D not expected with COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
  • Update homepage to
  • Use as source location for KGraphViewerPart
  • Set version to 0.8.0
  • Use CMake's project(VERSION)
  • Drop support for Qt5/KF5
  • Support Qt6/KF6 builds
  • Rely on CMake's autorcc (enabled by KDECMakeSettings) to add Qt resources
  • Use ECMDeprecationSettings
  • Use KF6-proof KConfigGroup::group() overload
  • Port away from deprecated KPluginFactory::create() overload
  • Port away from deprecated KPluginLoader::factory()
  • Port away from deprecated KFilterDev
  • Port away from deprecated QPrinter::pageRect()
  • Port away from deprecated QDesktopWidget
  • Port away from deprecated QString::split overload
  • Port away from deprecated QPixmap::grabWidget
  • Port away from deprecated QTreeView::sortByColumn overload
  • Port away from ModelTest copy to QAbstractItemModelTester
  • Adapt iterator type to match actual type returned from QHash method
  • Add explicit QRegExp includes
  • Port away from deprecated QAlgorithmsPrivate::qReverse
  • Port away from deprecated qSort
  • Bump min required CMake/Qt/ECM/KF to 3.16/5.15.2/5.100/5.100
  • appstream: use https for screenshot links
  • appstream: use desktop-application type, add developer & launchable tags
  • Appdata: Add developer name
  • [CI/CD] Add flatpak job
  • [CI] Don't depend on kgraphviewer on Windows
  • Port to new CI template syntax
  • snapcraft: initial import snapcraft files.
  • Deploy ui.rc files as Qt resource
  • Move Flatpak CI to GitLab
  • Add explicit moc includes to sources for moc-covered headers
  • Use non-deprecated KDEInstallDirs variables
  • Install translations
  • Port away from deprecated KMessageBox::sorry
  • Remove arcconfig
  • Remove unused include
  • Use imported target for KGraphViewerPart
  • debug
  • Add Gitlab CI
  • Remove unused XmlPatterns
  • Add some missing linkages
  • appdata.xml: Minor fixes for submission to Flathub
  • Fix minor issues found by EBN
  • fix xml
  • update screenshot
  • Set StartupWMClass in desktop file
  • ui.rc files: use <gui> instead of deprecated <kpartgui>
  • Do not duplicate work done by KAboutData::setupCommandLine()
  • Use nullptr
  • Use override
  • Fix window icon for non-desktopfile WM to own icon "massif-visualizer"
  • Properly support BUILD_TESTING
  • Remove explicit enable_testing(), duplicated from KDECMakeSettings
  • Bump min cmake version to 3.0
  • Remove explicit use of ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR, is part of ECM_MODULE_PATH
  • Fix minor EBN issues