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KEXI 3.2 Beta

Tuesday, 22 January 2019  |  jaroslaw staniek

Yesterday KEXI 3.2 Beta shipped, effect of improvements from entire 2018. Full info in the wiki.

That's best KEXI to date! Pun intended because among other things one is especially worth mentioning, entirely new and final date/time grammar for user's SQL.

Once we have polished type-safety in SQL handling in 3.1 (KEXISQL dialect "to bind them all"), date/time types as a string such as "2019-01-22" immediately stopped to work for constants. So one of the solutions was to reuse/invent new grammar. Here's the result of reusing as many as possible good practices: link. It was also a fun opportunity to use GNU Flex conditions.

What's next in this area? Time zones is possible extension. But first - date/time-related SQL functions, as documented here.

Advertisement: Programmers who would like to break the use of 100% raw SQL (QtSQL) in their recipe or CD collection or banking apps (wink, wink) will find plenty of database goodies in the KDb framework that's used for example in KEXI. There's free support too! For list of KDb changes look here. KDb is the place where the above features are provided, not KEXI.

WHERE condition with date constants.