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Kexi 3 Beta 1 + libs

Tuesday, 20 September 2016  |  jaroslaw staniek

Cool, Kexi 3.0.0 Beta 1 and related libraries have landed, ready for testing and packaging. Please find downloads and change logs at

As usual report bug and wishes are welcome, details at

This time the release got automated a bit more. Changelogs generated with some bash coding can be now easily pasted on the wiki, and mediawiki templates {{bug}}, {{commit}}, {{diff}} work also for your project, on any wiki page. What are your favourite changelog tools? Maybe Phabricator would offer something ultimate like

Later we would move some content from wiki to semi-static generated pages on So this obsolete page would become more like or

I know, I know. it's hard to try without examples and tutorials. Stay tuned. For now, API docs sit at at, a temporary location.

Have fun!