Two pictures worth thousands of SLOCs^w words.

All the modernization KEXI 3 receives these months may be enough to start using upper case letters for the name :)

Spolier: 0% of mockups here, top picture: kexi.git master, bottom picture: to-be-published GUI.

Key words for the GUI:
- Qt-Creator like global view selector
- better suited for Mac and Windows versions (native menus are back!)
- superflat style with 1990's paddings removed but with with some "material" touch
- content-is-king approach: darker side panes don't stay in the way
- QWidget-based but styled beyond what QWidgets typically can do
- Breeze style and icons-optimized (planned as the default on all OSes for 100% of portability)
- icons styling beyond Breeze: some icons lighten and get colorful on dark backgrounds
- the Kexi/Create/Design button bar will be replaced with something else