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Cool features in Kexi 2.9.8

Sunday, 11 October 2015  |  jaroslaw staniek

This week database apps builder Kexi that competes with MS Access and Filemaker has been released with cool new features.

Version 2.9.8 finally fixes world's issues with SQL! 22 typical scalar functions now work portably across SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL. No other general purpose software I know does this.

Here's the list and it will be growing:

To understand how the compatibility is achieved see this openly available document.

The new Kexi speaks your language too. It checks correctness of your SQL:

If you type error in your statement Kexi carefully explains what's wrong:

Great tool no matter if you're power users crunching data or a student willing to learn some SQL technology.

In addition, this year the technology will be available as a KDE framework called KDb to everyone.

PS: What you see on the screen is somehow a common denominator of various query languages, called KexiSQL. Having it, means that you can more freely migrate your software across backends. One day JavaScript functions would be available too.

PS2: MSSQL support for the functions was also analyzed, just currently it's out of scope.

We're also looking for new contributors. Not only programmers. Promote Kexi on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Users can request new features or fixes for Kexi via Bountysource.