PyKDE Future: Seeking a New Maintainer

For anyone who has been paying any attention of PyKDE5 over the last year or so, it is no secret that development and maintenance has been at a standstill. I've been very busy with a family and small children, and that eats time like you wouldn't believe. (Unit number 2 is almost 6 months now, healthy and happy I can report.) But another important factor is that my interests have shifted towards web related technologies over the last few years.

So, it is time to put the call out for a new maintainer or maintainers. I would also like to put in a bit of an apology to anyone who has depended on PyKDE5 and has had to put up this wishy-washy state of limbo for the project. And I would also like the thank people for the occassional drive-by commit which has helped keep the existing functionality mostly working.

Anyone interested should contact me. I'm willing to help and advise anyone who wants to learn the ropes, and to facilitate a transition to new management. If you are interested and curious but don't want to stick your hand up immediately and commit yourself, then still email me and I can forward on some information to you which may help explain how PyKDE5 works and is updated. It should give you an idea of the task at hand.


What is your email? You didn't mention it.

By starcraftman at Sun, 03/29/2015 - 18:53

Thanks for the efforts over all these years, Simon! I'm sorry I could not fill in the blanks, unfortunately I only had time for those sparse commits you saw...

By Luca Beltrame at Sun, 03/29/2015 - 21:43

Hi Simon, since last Akademy we got the Missions forum set up for all sorts of "help wanted" KDE advertisements, whether coding tasks, website help, or new maintainers needed. Please add at


By Valorie Zimmerman at Thu, 04/09/2015 - 03:59