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A new year and a whole lot of stuff (part 1 of 2)

Sunday, 25 January 2015  |  spstarr

It's been an awful while since I last blogged, we all go though periods where things get rather crazy all at once or boring, mine went though both.

Jobs It took awhile (try 9 months!), but I started one job but decided to resign half a year later when I felt things didn't connect well. I still wish them all the best, they were nice people. Now, I work at a great Open Source company, Remote Learner, we focus on Moodle and provide upstream patches, new features and addons. I spend my time in the DevOps/Infrastructure side of things with Puppet and random scripts. I have a great team and we do awesome things with git too.

School I took some night school classes while among the unemployed, aced them and brought my overall GPA way up, quite pleased about that.

Unexpected Trip Spent a month in Cape Town, South Africa, went up Table Mountain, climbed down it (using wrong shoes lead to some scary moments!), had a wonderful experience there, and met some people along the way.

Open Source I didn't run away from the FLOSS community, I've been helping the Fedora QA Team for a couple releases, mostly thrashing Anaconda to improve our installation experience after seeing Fedora 18 and the horror of installation, I jumped in and have helped since.

As for KDE, I'm waiting for Plasma 5.x to be officially released Edit: as default in Fedora before I look at moving any of my code over (if it's still applicable).

"Stuff" I never usually buy from the TV but picked up a nifty vacuum that even has a reverse blower so I can clean dust out of computer parts, thanks mom! :)

More to come..

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