Kubuntu Plasma 5 ISOs Rolling

Your friendly Kubuntu team is hard at work packaging up Plasma 5 and making sure it's ready to take over your desktop sometime in the future. Scarlett has spent many hours packaging it and now Rohan has spent more hours putting it onto some ISO images which you can download to try as a live session or install.

This is the first build of a flavour we hope to call a technical preview at 14.10. Plasma 4 will remain the default in 14.10 proper. As I said earlier it will eat your babies. It has obvious bugs like kdelibs4 theme not working and mouse themes only sometimes working. But also be excited and if you want to make it beautiful we're sitting in #kubuntu-devel having a party for you to join.

I recommend downloading by Torrent or failing that zsync, the server it's on has small pipes.

Default login is blank password, just press return to login.


Sounds great, but if they don't include Martins new theming API and implementation, it will probably have a real performance impact to a lot of people. Hope that's taken into consideration.

By STiAT at Mon, 07/28/2014 - 18:55

They use the defaults that I released Plasma 5.0 with which is the Oxygen KWin theme. The new KWin theme API is complete and may or may not be in Plasma 5.1

By Jonathan Riddell at Tue, 07/29/2014 - 12:53