Plasma 5 Is Green

On our Plasma 5 build status page most of the packages are now a pleasing green colour. For the first time today I installed them all and logged in and... it worked! It took a bit of removing old caches and obsolete installs that'd I'd been making in the months previously and that nice temporary Next wallpaper everyone uses doesn't really get shipped so I had to add that and the icons sometimes work and sometimes don't and there's no plasma-nm release yet so I had to grab a copy and build that before I could use the network. But with some fiddle and wee bit ay faff, it works!

Today is a beautiful day.

If you just want to try it out the Neon 5 ISO is the easiest way still. But the packages I'm pleased about today are the Next PPA packages which is the packaging Kubuntu (and hopefully Debian) will be using going forward. It doesn't co-install with Plasma 1 so only use if you want breakage and if you want to help fix breakage, join #kubuntu-devel and help out.


This is great! However, I can't help noticing that even on the latest build the old konki logo is used through out the desktop and applications. I opened some bug reports related to this earlier. Since we have a redesigned konqi and kate and friends, it will be nice to give them a introduction on the new/latest software that the community produces.

By bugzy at Thu, 06/12/2014 - 16:49