Photo Retrospective: Ubuntu

I'm done triaging old photos, here's some of my favourite Ubuntu themed ones from 2005 to 2009.

The first Ubuntu conference I went to in Sydney featuring Andreas, one of the Kubuntu originators

img 0279
The excitable Jeff Waugh who provided a lot of the character behind Gnome and early Ubuntu. Last seen writing a lament about the Canonical’s worsening relationship with GNOME which I must admit to being too lazy to read.

A Kubuntu group photo in Barcelona from 2009, little did I know Barcelona would become a spiritual and practical home for Kubuntu.

It's important to build community in open source, Kubuntu has always used hot tub parties for this, you won't get that with any other distro.

Canonical One flight to Montreal, these days I prefer to take the train, more environmentally friendly.

The first LTS release was preceeded by a polishing sprint in London where we worked on the first version of Ubiquity, the live CD installer.

Back in the day I had to post out every CD by myself. (I still get requests for CDs but we stopped having any physical media some time ago).

Paul taking his Ubuntu evangelising a little too seriously.

Ubuntu summits were often in fancy hotels which always surprised me by nobody using the swimming pool, I feel if life gives you a roof top swimming pool it's just ungrateful not to use it.

I like to go for a canoe if possible when I travel the world.

Have a fun holiday all, come and join us at Kubuntu if you want to be part of more world adventures.