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Barcelona: KDE Frameworks Dragons and KDE Allotment

Thursday, 14 November 2013  |  jriddell

It's little advertised but KDE has an office in Barcelona. With Scotland getting cold, dark and wet I set off in search of sun and colleagues to have a change of scene and improve my health after a surgeon poked needles into my eye.

I've spent the week looking at KDE Frameworks 5, the port of KDElibs 4 to Qt 5 where it is being modularised so apps can use it without bringing in large dependencies. I've been working out coinstallability with KDElibs 4 which is needed for us distros to make sure it can be packaged. I also ported my first bit of code to KF5/Qt 5 which was the icons kcontrol module. I had to track down and fix a KDE Frameworks bug which doing so. I've always been quite nervous about touching kdelibs because one breakage can affect users later in horrible ways but KDE Frameworks is a good way to get into it, everything is pretty much broken so you can only make it better and there's friendly meetings and IRC chat to keep to right.

BYzR0LNCAAEPfg2 KDE Frameworkers, they're epic

photo The KDE Allotment was put together by elite urban agriculturalist Nim Kibbler in the sterile back yard of the office, vegetables will soon be growing to make a fresh KDE Salad.

photo1 Barcelona has a dragon slide. It really is that awesome.