New Umbrello Website

Umbrello is the premier UML diagram tool for Linux desktops. UML is a standard for making diagrams of software, useful for documenting and planning your programs.

I took over Umbrello in about 2002 and maintained it as part of my University final year project. One of the first changes that I made to Umbrello was to make it a KDE project, it was the natural home. But I never moved the website or mailing list, Sourceforge was good enough.

Many years later and I have not been contributing to Umbrello for some time but it fits a gap in the Free Software world and there's been enough interest to port it away from Qt 3 compatibility classes so it should exist in the move to KDE Frameworks 5.

And now thanks to Ralf Habacker it has finally been moved completely to KDE infrastructure with a lovely new website

I've been surprised that nobody else has taken a similar path as I did a decade ago. Academics love UML and students should love working on software people actually use, so using Umbrello as a university project will be a guaranteed A. I won a big award recognising the best university software projects in Scotland when I did it. So if you're in your last year of uni after this summer and looking for a dissertation, do consider Umbrello, plenty of bugs to fix, features to add and the whole Qt 5 porting to do.


I agree. I have personally used Umbrello here and there for smaller tasks. Having used EA in a commercial environment for years, I have had several improvement ideas, but I have never got around to contributing to it, unfortunately.

Maybe one day; it is definitely a niche for FLOSS, software designers and architects!

By djszapi at Tue, 08/13/2013 - 18:18

Hi Riddell,

Great news ! Since September 2012 I've been working in the QtModeling effort (, as part of my PhD research (I've blogged about it a couple times in planet). DuSE ( is the current app which uses QtModeling. You can watch a demo video here:

I'll have some spare time after my defense in January, 2014, may be we can join the efforts and give Umbrello a boost, like supporting UML 2.4.1 (2.5 ?) meta-model, model manipulation via scripting, etc. What do you think ? :)

By SandroAndrade at Thu, 08/22/2013 - 16:03