Mataro Sessions II

The Ubuntu Developer Summit should have been this week but got cancelled in order to increase transparency. But you wouldn't want to let an expensive hotel booking go to waste so there seems to have been a meeting of Canonical engineers this week anyway just without the community. Twitter says some grumpy things. Well two can play at that game: I've been to every UDS except the Mataro Sessions back in 2004 so this week I'm down the road from Mataro with a dozen KDE and Kubuntu people to discuss what we're all working on. So far mgraesslin has shown his plans for KWin (including no small part of slagging off Mir and the instability of X in Ubuntu) and now Kevin is talking about the status of KDE Frameworks 5.

Sebas makes a good manager

Martin draws diagrams of KWin

Alex takes on the British Empire

Lunch time


Dude, why the need to FUD?
UDS should have been next week, not last week.
The Engineering team at Canonical always has had internal meetings, you were part of them, so you probably know.
And you can't compare a booking of 500+ people for UDS to a small one like for the engineering team at Canonical.

Besides it seems to be a bit weird you complaining at a Canonical only meeting when you are at a BlueSystems only meeting ;-) Shall KDE start some FUD against this closed meeting?

By tsdgeos at Sun, 05/05/2013 - 13:16