First Release Candidate of QtWebKit 2.3

I tagged the first release candidate of QtWebKit 2.3 yesterday. You can find on gitorious, where you also find the tar-ball.

Not much have changed since beta2, crashes fixes, build fixes on non-Linux and a bug that caused browsers to open links in a new window when set to open in new tab.

For more on what QtWebKit 2.3 is, see my original blog-post about it: Introducing QtWebKit 2.3

This RC1, more or less matches QtWebKit from the upcoming Qt 5.0.2, except for Qt 5 specific features.

If you have more questions or feedback, catch me or other QtWebKit developers on freenode IRC #qtwebkit.


Thanks Allan, your efforts are much appreciated. I've been using 2.3 for some time now and its been very reliable. I look forward to the 1.0 release and (hopefully) packaging by distros.

Are there any tests you'd like run?

By blackpaw at Tue, 03/05/2013 - 20:48