Kubuntu at Ubuntu Developer Summit

It's UDS time again and we're in sunny Copenhagen. You can join in by looking at the sessions and look up on the schedule when to join, then you can listen in to the audio and type into the IRC channel which is projected into each room. The event this time feel bigger than ever using a whole conference venue on the outskirts of town and full of people from Ubuntu and Linaro.

This surreal hotel is like Ikea all over. I'm curious for the design rationale for the windows from the hotel room beds to the toilet.

A large plenary talk, mine is tomorrow, I hope I think of something interesting to say.

KDE and Kubuntu people enjoy a beer

A developer session planning the next six months in Kubuntu


Oh wow you were at "Bella center". That was where the UN COP15 climate conference where held, as well as the olympic conference. Both with the attendence of US president Obama about 3 years ago. This is no small venue.

Regarding the hotel. Two towers where chosen because of the proximity to the airport, so one tower would be too tall. The 16 degree slant (twice that of the leaning tower in Pisa) is so they don't steal the view from each other. And it's the world's first slanted building built with prefabricated elements

By boemann at Fri, 11/02/2012 - 00:58