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Updating a git checkout - finally as easy as with svn

Friday, 19 October 2012  |  David Faure

git: very powerful, not easy to use for simple tasks. Especially when coming from svn, where updating a local checkout was simply "svn up", and with git it's "git pull --rebase, and if that fails, stash, pull --rebase, stash pop".

Finally, all this can be automated, so that one can simply keep the good old habits from svn and type "git up"!

Here's the recipe. In your ~/.gitconfig, write [alias] up = !gitup

Then download the script and put it in your $PATH. Done! (Should have done that years ago...)

Before the git purists start screaming, yes, I know, one should not do that (rebasing when pulling) if sharing your local branch with other people. But let's face it, you usually don't do that :-)