Kubuntu Active on ARM

I've been playing with getting Kubuntu Active on ARM. Getting a working ARM setup is a lot like getting a working Linux desktop setup when I started in 1999. It's unclear what computer you need, it's unclear what install image you need, it's unclear how you install it and then it doesn't work and it's unclear how you debug it. For some unknown reason Ubuntu Desktop images from precise don't work on my Pandaboard but from oneiric they do. Ubuntu Server from precise seems to work so I've installed that and installed the Kubuntu Active packages on top of it. Maybe soon we'll have working Kubuntu Active images on ARM.

The application in this photo is Muon Installer QML which is a shiny new app installer being written by Aleix Pol and now available from the new Cyberspace PPA which is going to contain daily builds of various KDE projects.

Weel are ye wordy o'a grace, As lang's my ARM.


Ubuntu on Pandaboard was OK a few week ago when I built PA2 with early precise panda image. But I experienced random freeze for a couple of week using Kubuntu image. Since it is system/kernel freeze, I think it isn't a kubuntu specific issue.

Another way to work around this might be using Linaro nano image and install kubuntu-desktop which has different kernel and others. But I haven't seen GPU pkg for precise from Linaro yet, that is, no Open GL ES, I assume.

By ezjd at Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:12