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KDEPIM Git Resource

Wednesday, 15 February 2012  |  sergio.martins

KDEPIM Git Resource

You can now monitor any git repository with KMail. Commits will appear as e-mails in the message list.

KMail configuration:

Resource configuration:

Message list:

It will do a git fetch every 5 minutes or so.

This is still a playground project, so it has some limitations:

  • Only master is supported yet
  • If authentication is needed for the git-fetch, you must run ssh-add in the same terminal where you're going to start akonadi. ( ssh-add && akonadictl restart )

While not needing to depend on or other external notification services is great, this wasn't my primary reason for creating this resource.

I did it because we can, or rather "since KDEPIM>4.4 we can".

Thanks to the new KDEPIM architecture, the application is now really decoupled from the data and that opens us a world of possibilities.

The git resource took me only 8 hours of coding, without needing to touch a single line of KMail code, therefore not introducing any regressions.

The barrier to contribute new features to kontact has never been so low.

-- git clone git://