Deskop Summit ... buildsystem stuff

So, to make it short, I'll be also in Berlin at the Desktop Summit, from Saturday to Wednesday evening.

So if you have wishes, questions, want to contribute to the KDE buildsystem or CMake, just look around for me :-)
There'll be a KDE buildsystem BoF . If you want to attend, please enter here when it is suitable for you in this doodle poll .

What will we be talking about there:

  • modular kdelibs
  • extra-cmake-modules, distributing our cmake files independent from KDE
  • upstreaming automoc
  • KDE superbuilds
  • Maybe testing
  • Everything else people come up with related to our buildsystem, packaging an testing

From Wednesday on also Bill Hoffman from Kitware/CMake will be at the Desktop Summit. He's by far the better specialist fot CMake, and especially for CDash and testing.

And most probably I'll give a "CMake - Beyond the basics" workshop, intended for project maintainers, or, people who have or want to take care of their cmake files themselves.

Please note that this workshop will not take place Thursday (since I will have left already the day before), but most probably Wednesday at 11:00 AM (



...will be Monday, at 8:00 PM (this had most hits in the poll).

I'll blog on Sunday where we'll meet.


By Alexander Neundorf at Thu, 08/04/2011 - 19:08