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ESA Summer of Code in Space - Marble and KStars are looking for students

Tuesday, 19 July 2011  |  torsten rahn

The European Space Agency is organizing ESA Summer of Code in Space 2011. And Marble and KStars have just been accepted as mentor organizations! Thanks a lot ESA, this is terrific news!

The students application period starts today! And the schedule is tight: The deadline for applications is on July 27th, 11:00 AM (UTC) - that's about in a week!

So if you're a student and if you'd like to participate then please hurry up and

If you have any question, you can refer to the documentation center or write to the public SOCIS mailing list.

If you have a question regarding Marble or KStars ideas just ask on our mailing lists ( and

And remember: In space no one can hear you code.